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Salt Bricks and tiles have been used for long to make Suana Rooms/Speleotherapy cabins. These  cabins /rooms or living spaces where the floors and walls are made using only salt crystal rock bricks or tiles. These rooms are specially made for people to sit and breathe in ionized air. Thus the salt rock tiles and bricks warm the walls of the room and in the process producing a very beautiful, soothing and relaxing environment.Speleotherapy is known as one of the healthy alternatives to the treatment of asthma, respiratory conditions, immune system disorder, and illnesses. Our salt tiles and bricks can be used extensively to build Speleotherapy cabins. They can be used in spas, gyms and yoga rooms also. Apart from their health benefit, they are also used to decorate receptions and fireplaces too. Our salt rock tiles and bricks come in different sizes depending on the preference of the customer. We have better and finer quality salt rocks tiles and bricks are used for building Suana Rooms.Also for Salt rooms,  Salt caves, and several other meditation rooms.Our Himalayan salt bricks and tiles are cut from the best rocks of Himalayan salt crystals. They are cut into different sizes and color. 

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Natural Rock Salt Tiles

Natural Rock Salt Tiles

Natural Rock Salt Tiles The Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to be the purest form of salt as it..


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